Dian Soraya (Aya) is a senior designer with more than 10 years of experience in the tech industry. Being dyslexic, Aya loves to create designs that help to improve society. Her main focus is product strategy, outlining a company’s strategic vision for its product offerings, and have a depth of empathy on the people and society and the larger scale. She does this by doing deep research around the human, the society and showing where the products are going.

She has gained 360-degrees exposure in the product (design, tech and business), social science framework, design craftsmanship and business sensitivity has helped companies finding the sweet spot between impactful design and profitable business.

In between her career as product designer, she also growing an organization called Anotasi.com.

Is the first educational organisation in Indonesia which aims to introduce the importance of social science and humanities to youth for a kinder and better Indonesia. #IlmuSosialUntukSemua


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